Simple HTML tags are allowed in the review field, excluding certain tags and characters for security reasons.

If no HTML is used, carriage returns (line breaks from pressing "enter") are retained, and URLs and email addresses are translated to click-on links.

The following special characters are not allowed:

left bracket[
right bracket]
left curly bracket{
right curly bracket}
pipe or vertical bar|
In the review field, email addresses and URLs beginning with the following prefixes will be converted to links:


How to add a photo link to your movie review

Placing a photo link from another site is also known as hot-linking. Some sites do not allow hot-linking. If a site complains about it to us, we will remove the picture. We will try to add the capability to upload image files in the future, to mitigate this. The images on our page are proportionately reduced to within 300 x 300 pixels. The photo link must begin with "http://" and end with "jpg", "jpeg", or "gif".

Instructions for Internet Explorer 6

Right-click on a picture. At the bottom of the menu, it says "Properties". Left-click on "Properties" and a box will appear. Copy the picture's Address (URL) from this box by control-C and paste it by control-V into the photo link field in the movie form.

Instructions for Mozilla

Right-click on a picture. In the menu, left-click on "Copy Image Location." Paste it by control-V into the photo link field in the movie form.

Having trouble with your picture?

One thing you can try is to paste the picture link into your browser's address bar, press Enter, and observe whether the picture appears as you expected. You can also try typing the URL instead of copying and pasting.