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Babe, Pig in the City

After (live-action pig, with voice by Daily) Babe wins a great victory in a shepherding contest, his owner, Farmer Arthur Hoggett (Cromwell), turns down all offers to make money with his pig's talents. But then, Hoggett is badly injured by falling into his well, and his wife Esme (Szubanski) must take up farming as best she can. Even so, she can't meet the mortgage. Reluctantly, Farmer Hoggett agrees they should find a way to market Babe's talents. So, Esme Hoggett takes a plane to "the city." There, Babe unwittingly causes a lot of trouble, and must stay -- with Mrs. Hoggett -- in the only hotel in town that accepts pets. When unfriendly neighbors send officials to catch all the animals in the hotel -- a bevy of cats, dogs, chimpanzees, birds, and more -- Babe narrowly eludes capture, then plots to free his new friends. He gets unexpected, very welcome help only from his farm friend, duck Ferdinand, who has flown, without Farmer Hoggett's knowledge, all the way to the city. For young viewers, and for adults who love good messages, this film is a delight. Friendship, bravery, and the urge to be free are all given top billing, presented to children (and even to uncynical young teenagers) via genuinely lovable and likeable animal characters -- and some humans come off looking pretty good, too.
Director(s): George Miller
Writer(s): George Miller, Judy Morris, Mark Lamprell, Elizabeth Daily
Cast: Magda Szubanski, James Cromwell, Mary Stein, Mickey Rooney
Release Date: 1998   
Keyword: Animals' dignity, farm animals, freedom, dog catchers
Target Age: 5+   Category: animal issues
Documentary: no
Language: English   Reviewer's Name: Micah
Review: http://IMDb
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