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Hiding Place (the)

More than 50 years after Ravensbruck, Dachau, and Auschwitz killed "enemies" of Nazism as they showered, then let their incinerating ash fall on other prisoners, a great light from that time still shines. We know about Hitler, but not nearly enough about how the brave love and sacrifices of a Dutch family lived in testimony of right action and hope. Available on video and 16-mm film, The Hiding Place is a restrained, deftly-handled, well-acted, uplifting period piece, infused with chilling realism. Corrie Ten Boom's dramatic story of hiding Jews in WWII reveals how, as a consequence, she and her family suffered but grew.

As Germans overrun Holland, the Ten Booms - all of whom prove capable of both discretion and cunning - give prayerful thought to hiding Jews from the Gestapo. As Gentiles, the Ten Booms are in no danger, but risk everything for outcasts they view as spiritual kinsmen. "Remember," Papa says, "the Jews gave us our faith." Exploring that faith and trusting the sovereignty of humanity's better nature, the Ten Booms never give in to the urge to hate wrongdoers, and thus value and uphold life with dignity.

With a superb, intense message of how in suffering we can triumph, the remarkable Corrie survives, even death camp horrors. Fifty when she's arrested, Corrie, her elder sister Betsie, and their 80-year-old father are jailed. Papa dies after only a few days; Corrie and Betsie are sent to Ravensbrook, where, underfed, poorly housed from cold, and overworked, the two feel love deepening - between them, toward their tormentors, for all of humanity, and for God, although their trials grow harder. Even as she weakens unto death, Betsie insists Corrie promise not to hate, and that she return to Germany afterward to help its people rebuild their lives and faith. Corrie's release from camp is another fascinating event; weak and ill, she throws herself into carrying out her promise to her sister.

Although uplifting, the movie has disturbing, inhumane scenes, and isn't well-suited to children; despite that, it timelessly illustrates how to love humankind. A poignant epilogue features then-elderly Corrie concluding, "No pit is so deep that our faith isn't deeper still." A movie we can view as a genuine portrayal of suffering and inner victory, this inspired, inspiring story should be watched as free as possible from interruption.
Director(s): James. F. Collier
Writer(s): James F. Collier, based on the book by Corrie Ten Boom
Cast: Julie Harris, Eileen Heckart, Arthur O'Connell, Jeanette Clift
Release Date: 1975   
Keyword: Corrie Ten Boom,; hiding European Jews in WWII Holland; conc
Target Age: 14+   Category: war and peace
Documentary: no
Language: English with some subtitled European languages   Reviewer's Name: Micah
Review: http://MRQE
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