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Un Poquito De Tanta Verdad (A Little Bit of So Much Truth)

"Un Poquito de Tanta Verdad" is a documentary film that shows the important and indispensable role that the media played in the 2006 popular uprising in Oaxaca, Mexico, that stemmed from the teachers' union strike. When the police opened fire during this nonviolent strike, thousands of people took to the streets in protest, despite the heavy police presence designed to scare them away. The film focuses on the protests through mainly the perspective and experience of teacher-organizers, though activists and academics from other backgrounds are also interviewed in the film.

In order to spread their message about why they were protesting (and to gain support from the community), the teachers and the protesters chose to peacefully take over the media (14 radio stations and 1 television station) , rather than relying on the mainstream media to frame and define the message for them. (The stations were later returned back to the original broadcasters).

The film shows how the media also played the role of safekeeping -- as the protesters were able to warn people out in the streets where the police were going via radio. Using this method, they were able to keep one step ahead and continue their resistance.

This film shows that a mass people's protest are made up of average people (with greater than average courage and commitment) looking for a way to get their government to act justly and responsibly. While the film does show that there was a human cost for their efforts (as many were kidnapped and many had to go into hiding, including most of those featured in the film), it is also uplifting to see the power and the potential that people have to get their voices out to the powers that be.
Director(s): Jill Freidberg
Writer(s): Jill Freidberg
Cast: teachers of Oaxaca, people of Oaxaca, Oaxacan police
Release Date: 2007   
Keyword: media, Oaxaca, Mexico, protest, teachers, strike, organizi
Target Age: 15 - 100   Category: media
Documentary: yes
Language: Spanish (English subtitles)   Reviewer's Name: aw

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